bonzai intranet


Why Bonzai Intranet is loved by Fortune 500 Companies Around the World 

Dollars and Sense  

In-house, custom-built SharePoint Intranets can cost over $1 million and take up to two years to fully develop. With Bonzai's pre-built solution, you can deliver a modern SharePoint Intranet at a fraction of the time and cost.   

Ultimate flexibility 

Internal Communications and Marketing professionals love Bonzai because without any SharePoint knowledge, they have the flexibility to design and publish content pages. IT professionals love Bonzai because they can easily configure pages using SharePoint and Office 365 web parts, third-party apps, custom apps and ISV’s like Nintex.  

Increase User Adoption  

Award-winning UX and an intuitive interface makes Bonzai the Intranet that everyone loves. With Bonzai, organizations witness SharePoint usage increase by 50-70%.   

 Access Mission Critical Information Fast  

Advanced search capabilities make is easy to locate systems, documents, processes, forms and people at lightning speed. 

Target Communication, En-masse  

Unique to Bonzai is content targeting which means you can publish news stories and pages to specific audiences so that information is remains relevant and your people are always engaged.  

 Create a Culture of Collaboration  

With Bonzai, it's simple to locate and connect with subject matter experts in your organization no matter where they're located. Coupled with collaboration tools for teamwork, watch innovative projects take off