Eagle Copters saves tens of thousands of dollars each year in productivity with fully-customized xRM solution

With a completely manual process and lacking an easily-tracked history of activities from previous months, Eagle Copters, an international helicopter sales and leasing company, was spending weeks twice a year on financial reporting. On a day to day basis, managing numerous spreadsheets to track ongoing leases and extensive helicopter parts and maintenance in real time between the departments was inefficient and time-consuming.

Betach developed a fully-customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to manage all the helicopter assets and operational and financial processes. The specialized application turned what was once weeks of work into the push of a button, and greatly improved data accuracy, consistency and maintainability.

While the CEO now benefits from customized dashboards and management reporting, the CFO and her team can easily prepare the required financial documentation. For the administration teams, handling all the day to day business operations is now a simple and streamlined process.

Company reduces storage by 99%, increases performance up to 50% and virtually eliminates risk of data loss with Azure StorSimple

A large multinational engineering and construction firm was at a point with their data volume where they were unable to back up their data on a nightly basis with their existing on-premise database. This left them very exposed to the risk of data loss, which could have cost the company millions of dollars in the event of a disaster, and were also experiencing substantial performance and manageability challenges, greatly affecting their business productivity.

The organization looked to Microsoft Azure StorSimple as a secure storage solution that could evolve with their growing company and increasing data retention needs, while at the same time could ultimately compact their existing storage to maximize their ability to manage day-to-day business requirements.

With no downtime during implementation, Betach was able to migrate all the data blobs to an Azure StorSimple device to compact the database by approximately 99%, greatly improving their performance capabilities by up to 50%, and allowing them to focus on priority day-to-day business document storage in their SharePoint repository.

The StorSimple device has provided the company with peace of mind by enabling them to effectively back up their data regularly, preventing serious risk of data loss, and vastly improving their SharePoint performance capabilities for increased productivity and profitability.