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Rethinking SharePoint Intranet with Bonzai

With Bonzai Founder Michal Pisarek & Betach Solutions' SharePoint Expert Thomas Yeung

Think there are only two options for launching an intranet on SharePoint -- a costly build from scratch project or installation of a simple template that provides the visual but no functionality? Think again.

We’d like you to meet Bonzai – the pre-built intranet for Microsoft SharePoint that was voted Choice Intranet for 2018. Bonzai provides a rich set of capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a custom design solution.

During the webinar we will:

• Discuss the core Bonzai intranet functionality

• Show you around Bonzai’s intuitive interface that will finally answer the question of "Can SharePoint be both beautiful and functional?"

• A SharePoint expert will provide a tour "underneath the hood" of Bonzai Intranet.