With Microsoft bringing Data Centres online in Canada, Canadian organizations, regardless of size and sector, now have the capability to compete and achieve success in a mobile world as the cloud is available for Microsoft online services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and now Dynamics 365.

Featuring the same industry-leading levels of security, privacy, control, compliance, and transparency that define the trusted Microsoft Cloud globally, Azure and Office 365 customers can now benefit from Microsoft’s trusted cloud services combined with data residency inside Canada.

It’s clear. The cloud is here, and it’s not just the early adopters and "born in the cloud" solution providers embracing the opportunity.  80% of businesses are deploying or fully embracing the cloud.

Why the Microsoft Cloud?

  • Canada’s first-ever hyper-scale public cloud
  • Data Remains within Canada!!
  • Enterprise-grade capabilities
  • Integrates with your existing IT environment
  • Freedom to do business nearly anywhere
  • Secure, private, compliant, transparent

Are you ready to take your Dynamics 365 business to the Canadian Cloud?

Ask us how to get started with a  Dynamics 365 cloud readiness assessment.