Microsoft's Canadian Cloud is now officially online

Microsoft Canadian Datacentres Expand Betach Solutions' Canadian Footprint

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada — May 10, 2016, 11:30 AM MST — Microsoft Canada announced today that the Microsoft Cloud is now officially open to power even more Canadian businesses. With this announcement, Microsoft Azure is generally available from local datacentre regions located in Toronto and Quebec City, and Office 365 is now offering data residency for Canadian business customers. In addition, Dynamics CRM Online is scheduled to go live by September 2016 to bring the most complete cloud, with leadership across IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid scenarios, to enable people and organizations to achieve more.

This announcement marks a significant expansion of Microsoft's trusted cloud services into Canada. Azure and Office 365 customers gain the benefits of Microsoft’s trusted cloud services combined with data residency in Canada. This includes data redundancy in multiple locations within Canada for business continuity and the option of a fast and private connection to the cloud with Azure ExpressRoute.

Betach helps organizations leverage the power of the cloud with quick deploy and turnkey packages and solutions that address immediate productivity, mobility and collaboration, backup and storage, or security management challenges and requirements, while allowing flexibility and scalability to evolve over the longer term.

The cloud offers solutions, cost savings, efficiency, productivity and reliability. It enables organizations – of any size, and in any sector – to collaborate, compete and excel in an increasingly mobile world.

“From today on, our goal is to create Canada’s best and most complete cloud, enabled by world class technology and world class cloud ecosystem,” said Janet Kennedy, president of Microsoft Canada. “We’re privileged to work with our team of Canadian partners who are perfectly positioned to help our Canadian customers innovate, grow and transform their businesses.”

Lawrence Gordey, president of Betach Solutions, said, “The new Canadian datacentres will enable our customers with data sovereignty requirements to take their business to the next level by making their move to the cloud, helping them to achieve a much higher level of operational efficiency and much needed reduction in infrastructure costs.

For many Canadian companies, this will be a real game changer, and Betach has been working diligently with Microsoft over the last several months during the datacentre preview phase on testing and development to help ensure a successful launch.”

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Founded in 2003, Betach Solutions Inc. is an award-winning western Canadian gold-level certified Microsoft partnerproviding information systems and technology consulting and management support and services, with a primary focus on Microsoft Online Cloud Productivity Solutions implementation and configuration: Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics CRM/xRM, Azure Cloud Services, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Project Online.

As one of the first Microsoft Cloud services partners in Canada, we’ve been helping companies move to the cloud for several years. We’ve worked with a variety of industry verticals, and have built a solid foundation of expertise in understanding and appreciating the business requirements unique to each sector and each client, and have developed highly customized solutions in a number of markets and situations.

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