Scheduling Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 Update


Microsoft has confirmed it has begun the scheduling process for upgrading instances of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Version 9.0.

v9 was rolled out in the closing months of 2017 for new instances of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft is now preparing its customer driven update that will invite system administrators to run their Version 9 upgrade from February 2018.

Administrators should now see a notification in the Office 365 Message Centre advising that their D365 update scheduling window is now open.

As of January 15, existing Dynamics 365 customers were able to schedule updates to occur from February 20th through August 20th...READ MORE

This update is available for Dynamics 2016 (8.0), Dynamics 2016 UPD1 (8.1) and Dynamics 365 (8.2).

In line with Microsoft's update policy, Version 9 will be a mandatory update for customers using v8.0 or v8.1.

This requires customers to be on the current version, or the immediate version prior to this release. With v9 being the current release, v8.2 is the previous update so system admins can choose not to take version 9.0 but remaining v8.0 and v8.1 users will be required to update.

Microsoft intends to complete scheduled Version 9.0 upgrades by August 2018.

v9.0 updates can be scheduled for any day, including weekends, but each date is limited to available bookings so admins are strongly recommended to schedule their update as soon as possible.  Microsoft will allocate update slots on a first come, first serve basis.

Administrators will be able to schedule updates to sandbox instances before their production instance. View Sandbox and Production update schedules in a single view within the Dynamics 365 Admin Center.

Dynamics 365 - Version 9.0 features a refreshed web interface, multi-select option sets, new virtual entity capability and introduces a new unified client interface.

If you have any questions about scheduling or preparing for this update please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.

At this stage, we do not have any timescale for when Microsoft will release v9.0 for its on-premise edition of Dynamics 365.

Brittany LeMaro