Microsoft Edge Now Warns You About Fake News Sites

Microsoft's Edge browser will now warn you when the website you're visiting is untrustworthy. 


Users will now see a notification at the top of their edge browser telling them not to trust certain news outlets. The Daily Mail's website Mail Online is among the more popular sites Edge is urging users to stay away from. 

In the case of the Daily Mail, visitors are being shown the message: "The site regularly publishes content that has damaging reputations, caused widespread alarm, or constituted harassment or invasion of privacy."

Microsoft is working with NewsGuard, a website that rates news organizations based on their credibility and transparency, to implement the warnings. The watchdog organization manually scores news organizations based on the accuracy of their reporting, how proactive they are at admitting and fixing errors, and whether they use clickbait headlines to lure visitors to their site.

NewsGuard made it clear that it stands behind its methods, and that anyone who feels they were unfairly scored should contact them, not Microsoft.

"They can blame us. And we're happy to be blamed," Steve Brill, co-founder at NewsGuard, told the Guardian, "Unlike the platforms, we're happy to be accountable."

Brittany LeMaro