Save Time By 'Dragging & Dropping' in Outlook

Have Outlook 2016? Sure you do! If you don’t by now, put down this helpful article and call us ASAP!For those of us that already do:

I’m sure we’re all familiar with these icons:



They can take us from “Mail” to “Calendar” and “People (Contacts)” with the click of a little, tiny button.

But what if we wanted to make these bits of interface work a little harder for us?

I’d suggest clicking on the ellipses (…) to pop up the rest of the navigation menu, and select “Navigation Options” like so:


From here, I’d say you should probably de-select the “Compact Navigation” option and adjust the number and order of visible items to whatever pleases your eyes:


You’ll have something that looks like this:


“That looks amazing, Laszlo!” you might exclaim. “But what does this do for me besides fill my eyes with joy?”

I’ll show you:

Grab an Email:


Click and drag that email into “Calendar” for one of these:


…or into “People” for something like this:


…and even into “Tasks” for this:


By now you might have picked up that this click-and-drag action can save you a few precious seconds here and there, and even remind you of where you got this Appointment, Task, or Contact when you look back on it in the future as the original email string’s content is saved with it!

You’re welcome.

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