Protect your sensitive documents secure with 'Restrict Access' tool

With so much talk about security, GDPR, and responsibility to consumer privacy you might be concerned about who’d snooping through your very interesting Excel spreadsheets, or even taking them and passing them around to others!

Who hasn’t had fears about the safety of their electronic documents? Probably some people, surely.

Let’s say you have a very sensitive excel document about finances (just look at all the names and numbers!):


As you save the document safely to SharePoint or OneDrive, you might take a little detour into “Privacy Land”


Goodness! Just look at all that sensitive information! What if this fell into the wrong hands?

Luckily Excel is looking out for us:


Well, we can’t have all of this information floating about. Let’s lock it down:

Plenty of options available here. Each solution appropriate for certain situations. Let’s just lock the front door in this case:

This is so sensitive (and not relevant to anyone else’s work) that I’ll just make sure it’s for my eyes only. I’ve selected “Restricted Access”:


No one else is peeking now. Let’s look at these “More Options…”:


Tons of granular settings we can adjust for each situation!

Now we can see that our document is locked down:


Stay safe out there!

Brittany LeMaro